Maximized Commitment

Worried that no familiar face has come through the door because you failed to meet their satisfaction the first time?

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Checking your clients’ overall experience is key to making them feel your genuine desire to serve better.

Reminding them of their next visit makes sure they keep track of their busy schedule (and you of yours).

Surprising your patrons with small gifts and promos of appreciation guarantees you’re on top of their minds and their loved ones’.

Good news: gaining client trust is up to you and with PhollowUp, securing their loyalty becomes less of a challenge!

Problems We Solve

Converting one-time visitors to happy regulars

Consistent customer satisfaction is all about attention to detail. Through our more organized database secured online, you can check their background and preferences even before they walk in.

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Having less empty slots in a business day

Through the easy-to-use online reservation, you make sure hours are spent wisely and are quick to manage.

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Coming to work fully prepared

Ever had a time when one missed schedule completely messed up an entire day? Avoid the hassle with our calendar on-the-go.

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Looking more professional

Image goes a long way. By going automated, it’s guaranteed to leave the best impression on your most discerning clients.

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Having less time wasted on the phone

In this age, phone calls have become counterproductive for secretaries. Make sure they stay uninterrupted from the more important tasks with our fool-proof appointment system.

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Ease of clients in booking and rebooking appointments online

Let’s face it, last-minute changes are inevitable. Rather than complain about the no-shows forever, empower the people you serve with the online self-booking feature.

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